Seamless Coupons and Promo Codes (Updated Regularly!)

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**Last Updated January 15, 2018**

With over 12,000 restaurants and 80+ cuisine types, Seamless is one of the nation’s largest online and mobile food ordering companies. They make ordering food fast and fun.

With our hand selected Seamless coupon codes, we make saving money, well, seamless! For example, test out this Seamless promo code to save $10 as a new user:


Stop wasting your time browsing ugly coupon code sites when you can be eating delicious food! Our tried and tested Seamless coupons save you time and hunger pains, oh and money too. For a limited time you can even create your own Seamless coupon code by referring a friend.

Heck, go right to the source and see if Seamless is offering any promotions and discounts directly on their site:

How to use a Seamless coupon or promo code

With Seamless you don’t have to talk to any humans to have restaurant quality food delivered directly to your door.

With Food Delivery Guru, you’ll never have to visit a coupon website again.

Our mission is to combine the seamlessness of Seamless with our quality Seamless promo codes to save you time and money the next time you have a hankering for Mexican or a craving for Kung Pao chicken.

That’s why every month, we sift the internet for the best Seamless coupons and discounts and hand test them ourselves to ensure they work.

To  use our Seamless promo codes follow these simple instructions:

For web orders

Visit and create a Seamless account or log into an existing one.

Use the filters to help choose your food. Head over to the checkout page (click on the bag in the top right corner). After double checking your order information, scroll towards the bottom of the page and find “Add Seamless promo codes.”

Copy one of our Seamless coupon codes above and paste it into the box and click “Apply.”

Zing! You just saved money with a Seamless coupon!

Add a Seamless coupon or Seamless promo code

For mobile orders

Download the Seamless app here for Apple devices or here for Android.

Select your favorite foods and add them to your bag. To checkout, simply click on your bag (lower right corner), double check your order, then click on the green “Continue to Checkout” button at the bottom.

Add in your address and delivery instructions.

Towards the bottom, look for a box labeled “Promo code” and enter in one of the Seamless coupons above and then click “Apply”.

How to use a Seamless coupon or Seamless promo code

Instructions for using a Seamless coupon or Seamless promo code

Double zing! The Seamless coupon will seamlessly be applied to your order!

It’s that simple! To summarize how to properly use an Seamless coupon:

  1. Copy one of the Seamless promo codes in this post
  2. Head over to Seamless’s website or fire up their app on your mobile device
  3. Paste your Seamless coupon when prompted to do so
  4. Enjoy saving time and money and eating delicious food right at home!

On the off chance you use a Seamless promo code that doesn’t work, don’t panic. Be sure to do the following:

  1. Ensure no spaces “ “ are included before or after the Seamless promo code
  2. Review the Seamless coupon rules apply (example:  $7 off your order of $20 or more)
  3. Notify so we can update our Seamless promo code listings and send you a coupon code that works!

Are we missing a Seamless promo code?

If you come across a Seamless coupon we’re missing, jump to the comment section below and leave a reply.

If you use an Seamless promo code that’s expired, please email us at immediately so we can remove it from our listing.

Since we update this listing about once a month, we’ll happily remove or add a Seamless coupon code sooner based on your feedback.

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