The Best Burgers in Dallas — That You Can Get Delivered

Take your tastebuds on a tour of some of the best burgers in Dallas without ever leaving your home!

All of the restaurants below deliver through food delivery services such as Caviar, Grubhub, Seamless, and Doordash.

You can try them all, and decide for yourself who has the best burger in Dallas. Make sure to leave your vote in the comments!

Here are our picks, in no particular order…

Liberty Burger

Google review score: 4.5

liberty burger breakfast burger — best burger in dallas, 

Now boasting 9 locations, Liberty Burger aspires to be not only the best burger in Dallas, but a favorite across the state of Texas.

You’ll notice some innovative toppings on many of their burgers, including: pico de gallo, queso blanco, green olives, tortilla strips, flame-roasted poblano peppers, ham, hash browns, marinated cucumbers, and chipotle BBQ sauce, to name a few.

You can also make any of their burgers a bison burger, and they offer a tuna burger, a veggie burger, and even a lamb burger.

Dugg Burger

Google review score: 4.6

3 dugg burgers best burgers in dallas list,

For their eponymous, ¼ pound, “Dugg Burger,” these burger pros will carve out the top of the bun and stuff it with the toppings of your choice. And if you’ll be eating with someone who’s not craving a burger, Dugg Burger offers a “Make it a Salad” option, where you can “swap the bun for a bowl of mixed greens.”

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop

Google review score: 4.6


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Don’t let the name fool you, this “sammich shop” has burgers — award-winning burgers. D Magazine lists Uncle Uber’s among the best burgers in Dallas, saying, “What sets this burger apart from the others is the secret Uber sauce, which is similar to a tartar sauce.”

You can also add avocado, bacon, grilled jalapenos, or mushrooms to your burger, to make it uniquely your own.

Hunky’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Google review score: 4.6


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With 20+ burgers to choose from, Hunky’s gives you the chance to try pineapple on a burger. Or to experience the magic of a Ham & Swiss Cheeseburger.

Their sides include fried mushrooms, sweet potato fries, and jalapeno cheddar poppers — in addition to the classics like french fries and tots.

Off-Site Kitchen

Google review score: 4.6

row of burgers from Off-Site Kitchen in dallas

The prices are cheap and the flavors are rich at Off-Site Kitchen.

Their ¼ pound “Straight Up” burger comes with onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, and a Village Baking Co. bun — for only $4.49.

Even better, you can wash it down with cold Jarritos or a Mexican Coke.

Burger House

Google review score: 4.5


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If you’re looking for a delicious, classic burger without any hipster frills, Burger House is worth checking out.

They’ve been in business for over 60 years and have racked up a long list of awards, including multiple “best french fries” awards from both D Magazine and Dallas Observer. Even more impressive, back in 2008, Yahoo! selected Burger House as one of the top burger joints in the entire country.

And if you happen to be feeling adventurous, their chiliburger might be worth a try.

Blues Burgers

Google review score: 4.7


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I know we’re supposed to be looking for the best burger in Dallas, but humor me for a moment.

Imagine tater tots…on a stick…paired with jalapenos…wrapped in bacon…deep fried…covered with melted cheese. I give you “Bad Pennies” — a Blues Burger invention you have to taste to believe.

And the burgers are no joke either, with 12 epic recipes and lots of ways to customize. You can upgrade any burger to their signature short rib blend. Or add applewood smoked bacon, thick sliced grilled bologna, or a fried egg to your burger. You can punish your tastebuds with ghost pepper cheese. Or you can even opt for a black bean patty and a gluten-free bun.

Haystack Burgers & Barley

Google review score: 4.6,

Haystack has racked up quite a few awards for their beefy burgers and hand cut fries. In fact, D Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Thrillist, and have all touted Haystack for having some of the best burgers in Dallas.

You can choose from eight tasty recipes (including a chili burger), or you can create your own burger. Toppings include haystack onions, BBQ sauce, avocado, a fried egg, and applewood smoked bacon — to name a few.

You can also substitute a veggie or turkey patty for any burger on the menu.

Wingfield’s Breakfast & Burger

Google review score: 4.4


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Called “the definition of a hidden gem” by one Yelp reviewer, Wingfields boasts only 6 marked parking spaces, and you’d be likely drive right past the red sign if you didn’t know to look for it.

But despite it’s no-frills exterior, inside you’ll find burgers that are known for being thick and filling. You can order them with double or triple meat, but many people find that even the double is just too much food.

Thick-cut bacon and rave-worthy onion rings are two more reasons why people lucky enough to find Wingfield’s leave singing its praises.

Chop House Burger

Google review score: 4.4


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The Chop House Burger has perhaps the best origin story I’ve ever heard for a burger.

It all started at a steakhouse in downtown Dallas called The Chop House — the kind of place you might take your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

After adding the Chop House Burger to their menu, it became so popular that the owners decided to feature it in it’s own restaurant, where it was joined by a tuna burger, a turkey burger, and even a falafel burger.

You can upgrade any of these options by adding a fried egg, bacon, homemade buffalo wing sauce, truffle sauce, homemade Texas chili, and more!

Grub Burger Bar

Google review score: 4.5


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Sometimes great burgers come from dives or drive-ins, and sometimes they come from trendy outfits like Grub Burger.

Their most popular burger is the Lockhart Legend, which boasts, among its toppings, Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce. Yes, you read that correctly.

And if you’re wanting to turn up the heat, try their Scorpion Burger, with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce. This burger can get so hot, for $1, they’ll sell you an “ice cream chaser” to wash it down.

They also have a salmon burger, a turkey burger, and a chickpea & eggplant veggie burger.

Who do you think has the best burger in Dallas?

Now that you’ve read our list, we’d love to hear what you think! Where can hungry people find the best burger in Dallas? Do they deliver? If so, let us know in the comments!